Dermot Bowes - Managing Partner

Dermot has been with Peter Dornan & Company Solicitors since 1999 and has been a Partner since 2002. Dermot is a qualified Solicitor Advocate and a member of the Law Society's Children's Panel. He has extensive experience in a diverse range of litigation.
Combined with specific expertise as outlined below Dermot has 28 years experience in working in general practice including representing Clients in all Court Tiers and Tribunals both as a Solicitor and Solicitor Advocate.


  1. Personal Injury Litigation.
    (a) Accidents at Work.
    (b) Fatal Accidents.
    (c) Serious Accidents
    (d) Road Traffic Accidents.
    (e) Motorbike Accidents.
    (f) Medical Negligence.
    (g) Tripping / Slipping Accidents.
  2. Criminal Defence.
    In all Court Jurisdictions.
  3. Matrimonial Law.
    (a) Divorce.
    (b) Ancillary Relief.