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Road Traffic Collisions & Personal Injury Claims

Road traffic collisions

We have provided a well organised and professional service in this area since 1986. This involves corresponding with all interested parties including the Insurance Company of the paddddd rty responsible for the collision. 

We can arrange for all of the following:

Recovery of vehicle / vans
Repairs to the vehicle.
Replacement car hire.
Medical legal examination for the purpose of any personal injury claim.

If your injury involves a period off work and as a consequence a wage loss we will pursue this on your behalf. We can also arrange for physiotherapy treatments the cost of which will be covered by the party responsible for the collision. If negotiations with the Insurance Companies are non-productive we will take formal legal proceedings without delay to bring matters to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion.

All Legal Costs Will Be Paid By The Party Responsible For The Collision

In cases where the accident is not your fault there is absolutely no need for you to instruct a firm of Solicitors nominated by your own Insurance Company. You have the right to nominate your own Solicitors and instruct your own Solicitors. Costs will be covered by the Insurance Company of the Defendant responsible for the collision.

Other accidents.

We also have a wealth of experience in other areas of the accident compensation including tripping and slipping accidents, hearing loss and medical negligence.

Accidents at Work.

We offer a wealth of experience in dealing with all sorts of injuries sustained at the workplace.  Here again we engage in correspondence with the Insurers representing the Employer being sued.  We arrange medical examinations and if amicable settlement is not achievable the matter will be brought to the appropriate Court.  Your costs are paid in full in the event of you successfully establishing fault on the part of your Employer.

House Sales & House Purchases

Our Expertise:

The practice is a fully accredited member of the Law Society Home Charter Scheme and a member of both the Lender Exchange and LMS Mortgage / Lenders panels and thus an approved practice for most main mortgage providers.

We regularly handle mortgages on behalf of clients with:

Bank of Ireland

House Sale.

When acting in the sale of property we provide Title Deeds, Searches and Property Certificates to the Purchaser’s Solicitor. We attend to the redemption of any Mortgages secured on the property. More often than not we will handle simultaneously your purchase and sale making sure that there is a smooth transition from one home to a new home.

Our Conveyancing service also includes re-mortgaging work whereby we handle new mortgage instructions, secure new advances and redemption of existing mortgages.

House Purchase:

On the house purchase front we will check the Title to the property you are buying and obtain from the Vendor’s solicitors all required Searches and Property Certificates to ensure that everything is in order.  Most purchases involve a Mortgage and here we will liaise with your lender to ensure that purchase monies are available at the required time.

Family Law

Divorce & Ancillary Relief:

Marital breakdown involves a whole host of legal issues such as maintenance, child care and the distribution of matrimonial assets such as property, savings and pension  provision.  Again this is an area where we have extensive experience handling cases covering couples with limited assets to those with extensive savings and property portfolios.

Childcare & Contact.

Relationship breakdown frequently leads to problems with custody and contact with children. Two of our partners are members of the Children’s Order Panel and provide experience and guidance in this area of law which also involves “Care Proceedings” instigated by the local Health Care Trusts.

Non-Molestation & Domestic Orders.

The Family Homes and Domestic Violence (NI) Order 1998 is a vital piece of legislation dealing with the scourge of domestic violence. The Order enables the victims of domestic violence to seek formal protection from the Court against further incidents of domestic violence and if appropriate actually exclude or remove a person from a property. These Orders are granted by the Magistrate’s Courts and we have considerable experience in dealing with these Orders to provide protection for our Clients.

Our offices in both Bangor and Belfast are well placed for providing services for clients in the Greater Belfast, North Down and Ards areas.



A large number of people still fail to take the simple, inexpensive steps required to spell out their financial wishes following their death. We can provide advice on the appointment of executors, guardians and the appropriate distribution of your assets. Here it may be necessary to consider the possible implications of inheritance tax. Again, advice is available. We regularly call with Clients at their home if they are not well enough or fit enough to call to our North Down or Belfast Offices.


The correct and proper distribution of deceased persons assets usually requires a formal application to the High Court for either a Grant of Probate (if there is a will) or Letters of Administration (if there is no will) and correspondence to various financial institutions to quantify and eventually liquidate the estate. We will attend to all of the above and, if required, convey property previously belonging to the deceased. Once the estate has been finalised we will distribute assets appropriately.

Enduring powers of attorney.

The enduring power of attorney enables clients to make provision for trusted persons to look after their affairs during their lifetime in the event of illness. We can explain this procedure and complete all required paperwork on clients behalf.

If required we are more than happy to call at clients homes to facilitate their needs.

Peter Dornan & Co. Commercial Law Services

Liquor Licensing Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services from protection orders, renewals, transfers, the granting of new licences and general licensing queries.

We are an experienced practice in this area of law and offer a wealth of experience.

We presently attend to the full licensing requirements of the following establishments.

The Imperial Bar, Bangor.
The Georgian House, Comber.
The Berlin Arms, Belfast.
The Diamond Jubilee, Belfast.
Mourne Seafood, Belfast.
Home, Belfast.
La Taqueria, Holywood & Belfast.
Grace Neils, Donaghadee.
Peter Dornan & Co. Commercial Law Services

Partner Profiles


  1. Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation.
  2. Criminal Defence
  3. Matrimonial Law.


  1. Family Law including Children’s Law such as Care and Supervision Orders, Contact and Residence Orders, name changes;
  2. Domestic Violence such as Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders, Civil Harassment injunctions;
  3. Matrimonial Law and relationship breakdown including divorce, dissolution of Civil Partnerships, Annulment, Judicial Separation, Ancillary Relief, Financial Agreements, pension sharing orders, Mareva or Freezing Injunctions to prevent the dissipation of assets, and spousal maintenance claims. 


  1. Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation.
  2. Conveyancing – House Purchases, Sales and Remortgages.
  3. Probate – Preparation of Wills and the Administration of Estates.
  4. Preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney documents and applications for Controllership.
  5. Criminal Work
  6. Criminal Defence
  7. Matrimonial.


  1. Plaintiff Personal Injury Litigation.
  2. Criminal Work - Magistrates Court / Crown Court.